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 What is Invisalign?

Invisalign® is a process that requires children or adults to wear a series of aligners for specific amounts of time to straighten teeth. The aligners are clear and able to be removed, so you won’t have anything permanently blocking access to your teeth. There are no wires or brackets involved, which means there is no need to get painful tightening of brackets at the dentist.

Invisalign® aligners are made with a patented plastic that is flexible enough to be comfortable while putting pressure on teeth to move them into a more efficient position in the mouth. They do not contain harmful or allergy-inducing substances like BPA, latex, gluten, or BPS. Read More>

Root Canals

A root canal is a dental treatment option that is usually recommended in an effort to save a patient’s tooth from needing to be extracted. When decay, damage or even infection is ignored in a tooth, it can eventually reach the tooth root canal/pulp, leading to a wide range of symptoms and complications. During a root canal, your endodontist creates a tiny hole in the affected tooth, allowing them to properly access the root canal of the tooth. Your endodontist will then remove any infection, decay or bacteria present and completely sanitize the area. Once completely cleaned and sanitized, the affected tooth will then be sealed.  Read More>

Dental Emergencies

If you think you may need assistance of emergency dentist in La Jolla, we are proud to offer emergency dental care! Prior to arriving at our dental office, please contact our practice to let us know your exact dental emergency and we’ll let you know if we can help. Here are some tips to follow before receiving emergency dental care:

Damaged Teeth

Has your accident resulted in chipped, cracked, fractured, broken or otherwise damaged teeth? If possible, find any pieces of your damaged tooth and then gently rinse your smile, ensuring that it is clean.  Read More>

Dental Implants

Have you been told you need to have one or more teeth extracted? Are you already missing one, several or even all of your teeth? Tired of wearing dentures? Looking for a more permanent option for tooth replacement? At the Shores Dental we are proud to offer dental implants in La Jolla for our patients that are missing one or more of their teeth and are interested in replacing them. Not quite sure if you are a candidate for dental implants? Dr. Naser would be happy to provide a dental implant consultation to determine the best option for you. Read More>

Cosmetic Dentistry

Do you often wonder how all the stars get such perfect-looking smiles? The answer is pretty simple: cosmetic dentistry. At the Shores Dental we are proud to offer cosmetic dentistry in La Jolla for our patients that suffer from dental imperfections and are interested in a treatment option that can improve the appearance of their smile. Not sure which cosmetic dental care options might be right for you and your smile? Feel free to schedule a consultation with Dr. Naser, we would be happy to evaluate your teeth, smile and overall oral health to determine which cosmetic dentistry options would be right for you. Read More>

Crowns & Bridges

Often teeth can become worn down or lose their shape over time. That is because teeth are used every day from chewing to smiling and that can take its toll. Dental crowns are caps that can be placed over teeth to help improve its looks, restore its use, or even help it regain its shapes. Dental crowns can be cosmetic or necessary. Dr. Naser provides dental crowns for those whose teeth need a little pick-me-up. Crowns ultimately cover and conceal the whole tooth all the way to the gum line. That way all you can see or use is the dental crown.  Read More>

Exams & Cleanings

Routine exams and cleanings are very important for your overall oral health. You should schedule these on a regular basis to ensure that your smile lasts for as long as it can. Not only is this ideal for adults, but also for children as well. Children should visit a dentist for regular exams and cleanings so their excellent oral health can carry well into adulthood. A routine examination can also be an excellent opportunity to catch any dental issues before they get worse. Here’s what you can expect when scheduling an exam and cleaning with Dr. Naser in La Jolla Shores.

What Goes On During A Routine Exam

During the exam, your dentist will look over your teeth and gums. This will determine whether or not they are in good condition. If they see any plaque or tartar buildup that you might have missed with brushing, they’ll be able to get rid of it right away. Sometimes, even brushing and flossing can lead to a missed spot or two.

They will also take the opportunity to look for any early warning signs of possible dental issues. The sooner they are caught, the better chance a dental issue will be reversed. They may also do a oral cancer screening depending on the information you disclose in your paperwork. If they see that you are a smoker or use tobacco products, the dentist will make a note of looking out for any potential concerns that may be linked to oral cancer.


Any plaque or tartar that was not visible during the dentist’s initial examination will soon be eradicated by cleaning methods. One of them is by way of a high powered toothbrush. The hygienist will brush your teeth and remove any of the leftover plaque or tartar buildup. Of course, they’ll let you choose the flavor of toothpaste that goes with it. However, this isn’t your ordinary toothpaste. This kind of toothpaste has a gritty texture to it.

The hygienist may also do some flossing in a way that most of us don’t do. Next comes the usual rinse followed by a flouride treatment. Once again, you’ll get to choose a flavor that you like best. The fluoride is designed to protect your teeth against cavities for several months.

Schedule An Exam And Cleaning Today

It’s never too late to schedule an exam and cleaning. These should be routine things that occur every six months. These services are available to any person at any age. If you would like to set up an appointment, contact Dr. Naser today.

Preventative Care

One way to ensure that your family’s oral health is great is to see us for periodic visits.   Regular prophylaxis (cleanings), exams, and x-rays along with proper home care will eliminate dental disease and help you avoid long costly procedures.  The services we provide during these routine visits are as follows:

  • Health History Screening

  • Blood Pressure Screening

  • Video Tour

  • Oral Cancer Screening

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